Photos by Liam McMullan
Peter Gatien was the undisputed king of the 1990s New York City club scene As the owner of legendary hotspots like Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, and Club USA . The eye-patch-sporting Ontario native built and oversaw a Manhattan empire that counted tens of thousands of patrons per night in its peak years, acting as a conduit for a culture that, for many, defined the image of an era in New York. After years of legal battles and police pressure-spearheaded by Mayor Giuliani's determined crackdown on nightlife in the mid-'90s; Peter Gatien was eventual deportation to Canada. His daughter Jen Gatien has become a major producer for award winning films; such as "Holy Rollers" with the help of Billy Corban and the Raconteur team Jen has created "LimeLight" the first documentary to set the stage for one of the most epic periods in NYC nightlife.